The Department of 刑事司法 provides the foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in the law, 执法, 缓刑和假释, court administration and corrections.

Studies within this department go beyond the crime scene investigations depicted on television to provide a deeper background on the practical application of science in criminal cases. Coursework may be focused on the nature, organization and operation of agencies responsible for the control and prevention of crime and the administration of criminal justice through the investigation, 忧虑, 起诉, 信念, punishment and rehabilitation of criminal offenders. 查看 2021-22 刑事司法 degree plan.



Awarded yearly in his memory, the Randall Vetter '94 Memorial Scholarship recognizes a current St. 爱德华的 student of significant scholarship and civic leadership.

教师 & 工作人员


Alpha Phi Sigma (APS)

Alpha Phi Sigma is the only National 刑事司法 Honor Society for 刑事司法 majors. The society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate students of criminal justice, as well as juris doctorate.

刑事司法 Society (CJS)

Organization designed for 刑事司法 and related majors to help prepare individuals for 刑事司法 related careers by fostering academic achievement, providing community service and networking with students, 教师, 校友及专业人士.