Gender is foundational to social, cultural, and economic systems

A minor in 妇女与性别研究 will complement your major by increasing your understanding of how and why gender matters . Through knowledge you gain in the classroom and in the community, you will learn how to address gender issues in multiple careers—including business, nonprofits, counseling, law, medicine, 宗教仪式, social work, and teaching.

In core classes, you will analyze how gender is socially constructed and investigate how power and patriarchal institutions impact people’s actual lives.  在选修课上, you’ll explore topics such as families and intimate relationships, LGBT文学和文化, 性别的沟通, 圣经中的女人, 性的历史, and more. 

通过你的学习, you will learn to understand the concept of gender and its impact on people's lives. You will investigate how gender intersects with other identities like race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, class, ability, and sexuality. You will graduate with a multi-faceted understanding of gender issues so you can create a more just world. 

For more information about the minor, please contact Associate Professor of Literature Alex Barron. The 妇女与性别研究 minor is part of the Department of Literature, 写作与修辞